Working On Some Wind Damage near Pogo Campground

Chopping up a large fallen tree near Pogo Campground
Chopping up a large fallen tree near Pogo Campground
This early march wind storm knocked down a bunch of trees. Dave and I got out early and cleared about 20 fallen trees between US-40 and Pogo Campground, where we met up with Rick and crew. There was one big mess of trees on the section south of Annapolis Rock where 3 trees were locked together and knocked over a forth. Yet most of the fallen trees, say 15, were north of Annapolis Rock. I would suppose that is because the popularity of The Rock leads to the Maryland Dept of Natural Resources to treat the area for gyspy moth a little more than other areas so there are less standing dead timber there.

Now, this tree was pretty massive, about 18″ DBH (DBH=Diameter Breast Height) and only about 1/3 is visible in this picture that I took of the setup Dave made so we could cut off the stump. Rick’s crew arrived just in time as we had moved the stump more than 1/2 way across the trail and welcomed their extra hands that made quick work of ‘tossing’ the stump the final 3 feet. Finished off the day clear two big entanglements on the Griggs Trail.

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