AT History – Found a Mile Marker from 1932

Original 1932 Mile 8 Marker in Maryland
Original 1932 Mile 8 Marker in Maryland

If you were just walking along on the Appalachian Trail and saw this rock among the millions you might not pay any attention. It’s not just another stone, it’s an original mile marker. Back in the beginning days they placed mile markers along the trail as they measured it here in Maryland in April 1932. This one is at mile 8 north of the Potomac River crossing and is about 1/2 mile south of Gathland State Park.

I highlighted the numerals in the picture on the below so you can see the ‘8 M’ carved into the stone. I think I’ve found a second one of these stones about 15 miles north of here. Over the years the trail’s been maintained by many different folks and it’s been moved to protected ground in places so I’m not sure how many are left. Here the ridge top is tight, so the trail lays in it’s originally path from this era.

A history link for those the are interested:…/Library/PATC_-…/Trail_Development.aspx

Annotated Marker 'Highlighting' the carving of 8 M
Annotated Marker ‘Highlighting’ the carving of 8 M

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